Title Media Ltd is over a year old now. Happy birthday us! And so we take stock of where we are. We have a flagship magazine, Title Sussex, that has gone from strength to strength and now often enjoy ridiculous stats like 55,000 views online for a monthly issue. Not bad for a little regional lifestyle magazine. And we’re now working on our next branded publication, Title Ibiza.

But what we often forget to talk about is our contract publishing side, which is growing all the time, and something we want to remind people about. Title Media’s Sam Harrington-Lowe was recently invited on to Laura Evans‘ business show on Radio Reverb and talks here about the business, and where it’s heading this year… If you can’t see the link above (some ad blockers prevent it) you can hear the interview HERE

If you have any contract publishing or marketing needs please contact us – info@titlemedia.co.uk


Plans for growth at Title Media