Content strategy and planning Title Media

Do you know who your customers actually are? Do you understand how your content fits together – on your website, social media, in your mailouts, on your products and within your company culture? Even down to your corporate literature or the branded sticky tape you use on your products?! Do you have a core marketing strategy document?

How about video or YouTube? Do you have podcasts, or regular blogs or offers?

Understanding your business and getting the messaging right is vital to drive how people see your business or brand.

Our content strategists work with you to ensure that your content – wherever it is based – and your tone of voice hits all the right notes.

• Who are your target audience? Do you know?
• Who are you? How do people see your brand?
• Content audit – just how well is everything performing?
• How do you ensure that your content and articles are chosen appropriately and match the messaging and core strategy?
• Do you have a newsroom cycle to manage the way you create, plan and manage content?
• What about firefighting? Are you managing any negative content/comments? We all get this, whether we deserve it or not, thanks to the keyboard warriors!
• Who researches your content? Decides what goes up and when?
• And then who shares that content? Do they fully understand how to manage your social media?

Some points to think about here but mostly, it’s vital to understand that most consumers will engage with your brand content before they even consider working with you or buying your products. Take a look at your content. Would you work with you?

Get in touch. We are gifted content strategists.