Silver Magazine for the 50 plus reader

AdobeStock_111415255-(1)Silver is a title that generates a gentle grin at the inevitability of hitting those post-55 years and will provide our readers with content that speaks directly to them.
AdobeStock_104959092-(2)The over 55 market account for almost half the entire adult population and they have more disposable income and fewer responsibilities than at any other time in their lives.
AdobeStock_94261175We will be printing a minimum of 10,000 magazines and distributing them via a direct mailing list, but also to places where we know these guys are having the time of their lives.
AdobeStock_33878241-(2)Why should you advertise? Title Media is a reliable and trusted publisher with a proven track record and an enviable reputation. So for a start, you’re working with an excellent brand.



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