The 50plus market in the UK is having the most fun. Fact.

They account for almost half the entire adult population and they have more disposable income and fewer responsibilities than at any other time in their lives.

In fact, the over 50s market has something like £175 billion to spend on leisure, holidays, eating out, clothing, entertainment etc

85% of the over 50s have private pensions and possess 80% of all private wealth, so they also need good legal support too, whether they’re managing portfolios or planning for the future.

And talking of the future, they’ll be planning for themselves, or their parents, or their grandchildren – whether that’s a financial or residential plan. And then probably going on a nice holiday afterwards!

In short, the over 55 market is a strong, growing group of people with money to spend and the security to enjoy it. They’re also the first generation of people to grow up with advertising as part of their lives so they really know what they’re looking for. These people are ad-savvy!

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