Why should you advertise?

Title Media is a reliable and trusted publisher with a proven track record and an enviable reputation. So for a start, you’re working with an excellent brand. We keep our promises, and we always behave with ultimate professionalism.

Silver will not be a depressing, low quality freebie aimed at the dying and infirm – this is an exciting, cosmopolitan publication aimed at an upward market.

The magazine will be printed on high quality, glossy stock, and the content will be vibrant and exciting. We know the over 50 market has a LOT of fun, and we’re going to be producing a beautiful magazine that represents that.

If all that is interesting to you, but mostly you’re just keen to make sure your brand is seen by the right people, check out our distribution, or call us and we can tell you about this in more detail.

More than anything, Silver is a forerunner. We have very little competition, and we are working with a huge – and growing – market that has a phenomenal spend.

You have to ask yourself – why wouldn’t you advertise?! Find out more