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We are going to assume you know how important your voice on social media is these days. And maybe you’re doing a great job. But we’ve come a long way from sticking up a few posts and having a giggle online and reaching loads of people. It’s a complicated, technical process to get the best from this and honestly, you probably need some help.

Regardless of the platform, our social media managers are able to work on…

• Creation and curation of social content
• Use of appropriate social media management tools
• Scheduling posts in line with overall content strategy
• Responding to comments on posts
• Identifying and engaging with key influencers
• Ad management and split tests/dark posts
• Building and maintaining an active and engaged audience
• Community management including timely response to engagement and nurturing existing online relationships
• Use of Facebook pixel for measuring and remarketing
• Social listening
• Data measuring, analysing and reporting
• Social media training – empowering you to do it yourself

And lots more. If a lot of that above sounds like another language to you, you probably need to talk to us.

Social media management doesn’t have to be expensive, but in terms of the value to your business, can you afford not to look into this?

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