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Do you know who your customers actually are? Do you understand how your content fits together – on your website, social media, in your mailouts, on your products and within your company culture? Even down to your corporate literature or

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We’ve spent some years perfecting what we do. Content strategy, content marketing, social media management and contract print all has to be done right, or there’s just no point. Our team includes awesome content strategists, project managers, journalists, content writers,


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“These guys are going to really shake up the county's dull and repetitive publishing scene.”

Nick Mosley, Brighton Food Festival

“Just had a chance to have a look at this, GREAT publications! Really great content and nice to see a few friendly faces that we know in there ;-)”

Jo Deighton, Yelo Architects

“Being a brand new start up business we wanted to collaborate with a local company. Title gave us confidence and support, helped to guide our business and have encouraged us along the way. They're really friendly and approachable and we look forward to working with them again.”

NuYu Hair, Hove


A multi-disciplinary contract publishing agency, Title Media is comprised of experienced, professional journalists, designers and photographers that bring a skilled and polished approach to any job. Representing your business requires skilled editorial and compelling design, whatever the medium. And that’s what we do best.

Title Media - what do we do -