You’ve done your homework, what happens next?

So yesterday’s tip was about content marketing, and one of the things we stressed was the importance of having GOOD content to actually, er, market. So how do you actually now create good content?

If you’re going to publish content, you really need to think like a publisher, not just some random with a few thoughts to stick up without any planning. So today here’s a five tips to help you make sure your content works for you.


1. Plan your content
So think about what you’re going to put up and when. Keep it consistent in terms of its frequency and tone of voice. Spasmodic, random posting or blogging is not the way to build a following or impress anyone.

2. Keep your audience in mind
Who are you trying to speak to? What do you need to achieve? Again, we’re back to the planning, but work on what you know your readers like and focus on building a relationship with them. Keep it fresh, interesting.

3. Don’t just broadcast your own stuff
There is nothing worse than content that just talks about you. Whether you’re telling everyone what you do, or sharing your own posts endlessly without other interesting, curated relevant content – it’s all the same. Blah blah blah, me me me. Just don’t.

4. Proof read!
OK so we’re a bit fussy about this here – we’re publishers. But honestly; poor grammar and spelling, broken links, incorrect information, poor video editing… all that stuff just marks you out as an amateur. It’s unprofessional.

5. Check your results
Finally, keep an eye on what works and what doesn’t. You can see from stats and metrics which things people respond to or not, so monitor your content. Think of yourself like a chef – tasting the food as you go along until it’s just right. Do that with your content.

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