Ever wondered why you’re spending valuable hours posting on social media and just getting nowhere? If that’s all you’re doing, then you’re missing a vital piece of the puzzle.

Social media is just that; social! And you need to be spending as much time, if not more, engaging with other accounts as you do posting on your own.


Think of it this way. You wouldn’t go to a party and just talk at people without asking them questions or listening to what they have to say, would you? Well you might I guess, but eventually you’re going to be stood in the corner with nobody to talk to.

Constantly broadcasting without showing an interest in other people’s content is the SM equivalent.

Find pages that are relevant to your business or of interest to your target audience, and follow them, engaging with their content where appropriate and natural. Be friendly

@mention people when you talk about them, it’ll encourage them to respond and engage with you back.

Always reply if someone comments on your post or @mentions you (unless it’s a spam), especially if it’s a customer service issue. More on that later!

And super Twitter tip… remember that Twitter replies which start with an @mention can only be seen by anyone who follows both accounts, but if you insert a full stop at the start, it can be seen by everyone! i.e… .@TitleMediaUK (if this one baffles you, email us for clarification).

If you’d like to know more about content strategy or social media you can always hit us an email and ask us about this, or anything else on info@titlemedia.co.uk



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