Dec 3 Choosing the right instagram hashtags

So now you know that using hashtags is the key to getting seen on Instagram, right?

Every individual hashtag you use on Instagram will make you searchable by that word or phrase, and put you in front of potential new followers. But how do you choose the right hashtags?

A hashtag with millions of previous uses might seem like a good idea as it’s high on people’s radars and it will be popular in terms of searches, but unless you have a huge amount of engagement and appear in top posts, your post will disappear very quickly from recent posts and will be buried within minutes. You’ll get lost in the noise.

By the same token, an obscure hashtag with few or no previous searches may not be something your audience would think to search. You’ll be invisible.


Be selective if you are looking to grow your audience. Try to choose a selection of hashtags with up to 50k previous uses.

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