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What makes some content work, and some not?

How do you know how to communicate with your audience, whether you’re posting on social media, writing website content or creating content? What emotional category does your content and brand fit into?

Have you even thought about this stuff before?!

According to Brian Millar, found of the Emotional Intelligence Agency, there’s a deep science in play here. Ideally you want people to react to your content in an emotional way to really reach them. And after considerable study and research, the EIA have identified that content, in order to be emotionally resonant, falls into four categories;

funny, or

And once you know which category your content falls into, you can work out the best ways and platforms to share it on to get the best results.

So how does this apply to you?

You need to look at your own brand and decide which category or categories you fall into. As an example, a high end clothing brand might fall into inspiring and/or beautiful, depending on what kind of clothes they are. And a food plan is definitely inspiring, whereas someone who has online training courses would be useful and perhaps again, inspiring. You get the picture.


Look at your own company or brand and you will be able to slot into at least one of these categories. Once you know this, where you start with your content is kinda driven by that category, but we’ll talk about that more another day. Just for now, think about your category, think about your audience’s emotional reaction to your brand, product or services – and then you can really start to think about how you speak to that audience.

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