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Back to Instagram and we’re looking at the best way to make your images look awesome

Why do you want the images to look awesome? To stand out from the competition, obviously. So we’re going to look at the Rule of Thirds and how to make the best images.

So, do you know about the grid?

When you select your image, if you press your finger on it and hold, you can see a grid pop up. This grid is there to help you with the positioning of your image and it’s a really great way to make the visual best of it.

If you know about the rule of thirds (or threes), you want to try applying this to your Instagram post in a structural sense. If you position your focal aspect carefully, you’ll draw the eye and make your image more interesting, and hopefully draw more attention to it.


When creating an Instagram post, use the grid and position the focal point using this rule. The idea is that you use your grid to place the subject of the image on the line 1/3 of the way into the picture, from whichever side is closest. This creates an off-centre composition which looks more natural than it being central to the image. Use the lines to post the focal points either along a grid line, or at the intersection. Just keep stuff away from the middle, sitting there like a plum.

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