Instagram users may have noticed an addition this week; you now have the option to follow hashtags as well as people. Top posts and videos containing that hashtag will then start to appear in your feed in the same way as posts by the accounts you follow and recent stories using the same will appear in your stories bar.

If you’re seeing the same accounts in your feed all the time, this is a nice way to see new content, but also to get in front of new faces yourself.

Firstly, the top posts may of course include very different types of content all using the same tag; #foodporn being an example that springs to mind, and this may initially make for an interesting feed!

What you will be able to do, we’re told, is train the algorithm by liking posts that are relevant to your interest and use the menu button at the top right of the post to select ‘don’t show’ for those that weren’t quite what you expected to see.

Secondly, your followed hashtags will be visible, so if it’s a business account then for the sake of consistency be mindful of that and make sure they’re relevant.

Worth noting too that even on a private profile your followers will be able to see which you are following…

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