Dec 7 – What is a Twitter Hour on Title Media blog

Twitter hours are a fantastic way to learn from the experts or to connect with your own prospective customers and are invaluable, particularly for small businesses. You might have heard of them but not really know how it works.

They are essentially a virtual networking activity, hosted either regularly or as a one-off event, and are usually themed so you can pick and choose one relevant to your business. There are also often hours based on location, #BrightonHour for example takes place every Monday from 8.30-9.30 pm and is an opportunity to network with other local businesses or prospective clients.

The idea is that you’re tuned into Twitter for that hour, following the relevant hashtags and posts, and if you’re confident enough, engaging with them yourself. If you’re new, try and follow a couple first to see how it works.

Twitter hours (or Twitter chats as they are also known) happen at a set time and will have their own hashtag so that people can follow the conversation.

So to find things relevant for you, use the advanced Twitter search function, or google the Twitter hours for your industry or area. You could even choose to host your own! Pick a topic that your customers would find interesting or useful and get people engaged. It’s all about working to build your brand authority and gain exposure.

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