Dec 8 cross posting with images Instagram to Twitter on Title Media

Have you noticed that if you hit the ‘share to Twitter’ button on an Instagram post that what you actually up with on Twitter is not the original fabulous image you’ve taken and posted lovingly, but a rather ugly-looking link that demands another click through to view?

Not only are these posts clunky and uncool, but they rarely generate interest or engagement. A picture says a thousand words, every time.

But fear not, there’s an app for this. IFTTT is a collection of applets which will do all sorts of useful things for you, one of which allows you to connect your accounts and as a result the native image will appear on your Twitter feed rather than a link when you choose to share it across from Instagram.

You can opt to auto-post every image or to set it up to post if you include a particular hashtag. Clever stuff! It will still only show the first 280 characters though so be mindful of that when you write your caption.

Go to IFTTT or your app store and get yourself hooked up. There are some instructions to follow for setting it up but once you’ve got it up and running, hey presto. Your cross posting will never be the same, you David Bailey you.

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