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You want to seem human but you still want to remain professional

So is it OK to use emojis on your business pages on Facebook and other social media platforms?

In a word, yes. In fact, provided it’s appropriate and fits with your brand’s tone of voice we would absolutely recommend you give it a try. We read recently that the use of emoticons in a Facebook post attracts 57% more likes, 33% more comments and 33% more shares.

Social media is meant to be engaging, and certainly in the case of Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, entertaining. So the use of emojis can create a more informal feel and make a dry post more eye-catching. If you are traditionally a more formal business and want to humanise your posts a little, this is definitely worth a try.

LinkedIn is probably the exception here though, where this could be seen as frivolous.


Our advice? No two pages are the same so do some testing and see what works for you. Don’t go nuts, just use them sparingly and see how your audience reacts. Keep it natural too, you don’t want to disengage your audience by trying too hard to be down with the kids!

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