Blogging is powerful content. But not if it’s all sales, and no value

Having a blog section on your website meants you can entertain, engage, and educate your audience. Share your experiences, building trust and creating relationships. But it’s hard to post regularly and consistently – and to keep coming up with ideas!

  • Great blogging includes storytelling. That stuff is magical
  • It’s an awesome way to show your clients what goes on behind the scenes
  • Search engines love fresh content
  • Blogging creates content that can be used in SO many ways – such as your newsletter, tips on social media, social posting, even video scripts
  • Blogging humanises your brand, and makes you feel accessible

Want us to write some blogs for you, or tell you how to write good ones yourself?

Why you’re not a blogging star

  • Who has the time for writing?
  • Writing isn’t your strong suit
  • It’s tough to keep coming up with ideas to write and post regular blogs
  • You’re not using the blog content for other marketing
  • You think there’s too much competition online
  • It’s not high on your list (it should be)

How we can help 

  • We get to know you a bit, build you a blogging strategy
  • Help you put together a content calendar and schedule
  • Write the blogs for you, or give you some tips
  • Show you how to repurpose blog content for all sorts of other marketing
  • Make sure there’s some good SEO oomph in the blogs

How about we give you a couple of blog ideas, no charge. No catch

Take us up. Get in touch here and we’ll hit you a couple of blog ideas, no obligation.

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