Traditional marketing is telling everyone you’re a rock star.
Content marketing is showing it

Brands often make the mistake of focusing their content on the hard sell, constantly talking about what they do, or what they’re selling.

Is that fun for the user? Does it make for a good read? No! It’s boring!

Businesses who relentlessly broadcast are missing the point. Content marketing should be engaging and educational, not promotional.

It can generate interest in your brand, and drive relevant traffic to your website. It’s about building a relationship. Good content marketing is understanding what your customer cares about, and using this to engage them. You’ll earn trust and build loyalty, and elevate your brand from a ‘meh’, to a must-have.

What do you need help with?

  • Is your content too focused on promotion and driving sales?
  • OK we’re being polite. Is your content all about you, you, you – and what you do?
  • Perhaps you’re struggling to attract and retain visitors to your website?
  • Are you making the best use of your social media channels?
  • Do you have a clear content marketing strategy?
  • Do you know what it is that your customers care about?
  • Is your content credible, authoritative and informative?
  • Are your customers loyal to your brand?

How we can help

  • We’ll perform an audit on your content and then work with you to create a content marketing strategy
  • Help you create high-quality content that will appeal to your customers
  • Time to brush up those social media skills and create a buzz, building brand awareness and loyalty
  • We’ve got lots of hacks for your content, like viral posts and guest blogging. Get seen, get talked about
  • We’ll even show you how to create high-converting landing pages to generate leads, sale or followers

Would you like your site to just talk about you, and to keep posting a blog every time you remember about the new product you just launched?

Or would you like content that’s going to start a conversation, that’s going to have people talking about you? Do you want to be the voice of authority, a brand people trust?

(Hint – say yes to the second question). Find out how we can help with your content marketing strategy.

More ways we can help you with content