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Content marketing and social media content are different animals really. Social media has such immediacy – it’s how you talk directly with your followers, and it’s live, and it’s constant. And you need to keep on top of it once it’s rolling, or risk losing your audience.

Like any content, you need clearly defined goals, but you also need to understand the different social media channels, and who uses them.

As with all content strategies, your social media activity should be planned and scheduled, so you’re up to date and active. Having outdated social media content is worse than having no content at all. Trust us.

Getting it right on social media takes skill and consideration – which isn’t always easy when you need to respond quickly. But with a killer social media strategy and well-planned content, you’ll rock it, don’t worry. With a bit of help from us, naturally.

What do you need help with?

  • Do you have key goals for your social media activity?
  • Do you have a tone of voice for your brand that is attractive to your target audience?
  • And can you adapt it for different platforms?
  • Maybe you’re struggling to keep the posting consistent.
  • How do you know which social media platform is right for your audience?
  • Are you incorporating the most effective keywords and hashtags in your posts?
  • Have you thought about the type of content you want to share? Do you understand the value of curated content?

How we can help

  • We’ll audit your current social media activity and work with you on a detailed content plan
  • We offer a collaborative content creation structure, with style guidelines and clear deliverables
  • We’ll produce a tone of voice and style guide not just for you, but for your preferred social media channel(s)
  • We’ll help you choose the right platforms for your brand
  • We’ll advise on keywords, hashtags and content sharing, and help you harness the power of responding to comments
  • We’ll show you how to deal with negative comment too – and spin it into a win

More ways we can help you with content