Having a promotional video to showcase your company or product is vital. But it’s worth getting that done professionally.

Most of us have a smart phone that captures video and a lot of us know how to upload a film to the internet. So in theory, why not make your own film? You want to keep up with your contemporaries but budgets are stretched so, whip out your phone, press record, upload, sit back and the world will come to you.

Whilst there are definitely times when a mobile does the job, in reality it may not be that straight forward. Here are our Top Five reasons why you should leave it to the professionals.

1. There is no mistaking a professional touch

Well framed shots, picking the right music, sound mixing and colour grading, these are all things that are done behind the scenes before the world sees your video. A wonky or badly lit shot can do more harm to your video than good. When something is aesthetically pleasing it’s been done like that for a reason.

There are so many things that can distract the viewer from the subject matter if you’ve not looked out for them on the shoot, a misplaced rubbish bin, objects in the background emerging from people’s heads and a personal favourite, people ducking down in the back of shot because they don’t want to be on screen. We can still see you!

Do it yourself and it may not showcase your company to the best of its potential.

2. It saves you time

Often, you know what you want and can muddle through but this can take time. Learning how to use the camera and getting the right shots you need to tell the story are things that will take up your time away from the business.

There can be a temptation to film everything on location but learning how to edit your film on paper before you’ve filmed it is a skill that can save valuable time on location and save you having to sort through too much footage in the edit.

How to make a company video on smartphone Title Media www.titlemedia.co.ukDo you need a voice over to tell the story? Writing a script for a voice over is very different to writing a press release, advert or email. For example, a voice over script for a video about why you should use a professional would be written in a different style to this blog. Learning to edit, how to export it in the right settings for your needs, whether that be online or for a presentation on a big screen, can all take up your time.

When you are learning as you go, the things that may be quite straightforward once you now how to do it, at the beginning can take much longer to do. A professional video production company can save you the time (and the possible headache) of having to do all of this yourself.

3. It will save you money

Anything that can save you time and promote your business in the best possible way to the right people will, in the long run, save, and (if the plan works as expected) make you money.

4. We have access to other professionals

Need a camera operator, a voice over artist, an animator, a song, composer, writer, sound recordist, camera equipment, studio, props, make-up artist, actor, location?

The list goes on.

A professional usually has access to all of these services and will have used them and trusted them on many productions. You can know that everyone working on your production comes with a great reputation and (it’s the time thing again) you don’t have to spend hours sourcing them all.

5. Your video needs to be seen

Your video is made and online but only you, your colleagues and a couple of friends and family have seen it. Videos don’t often go viral by mistake. A professional will often have the necessary skills to help you get your video noticed, whether it’s helping to develop a targeted marketing campaign or giving you the tools to learn how to promote your own video online.

So, if you’re thinking about making a video for your business, think about having a professional make it for you.

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