If you’re looking for your break into media, and you’re between 16-24 and on Universal Credit, have we got a job for you!

Ever wanted to get into the world of media sales but didn’t really know where to start? If you’re interested in developing sales skills, earning a reasonable crust, and enjoying a dynamic and fun industry, we want to hear from you.

Title Media is committed to our youth team. We regularly offer internships and trainee positions, with supportive training and mentorship. And often our newbies love working here so much, they end up being part of the permanent core team.

We’re looking for a very special young person to join the sales team via the Kickstart scheme. This is a minimum six-month internship, paid at national wage, for 25 hour per week.

The fun side of working in media

Working in media sales doesn’t just offer the chance to earn a living. This is work that fits sociable, friendly and ambitious people. Working in the media is hard work, but offers a lot of fun too. You will be working with our lifestyle titles and publications, and will have the opportunity to get out there – to launches and events, and network.

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We offer full training both on the phone and in negotiations. You’ll learn to sell across all platforms – both in print and digital/social media. And we’re a great team to work with. But don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s another Kickstarter to tell you what it’s like here…

After quitting a depressing job, Lili has found kickstarting her new career to be refreshing and motivating. She’s been our Junior Marketing Assistant for nearly three months already!

“I found the application process very easy,” she says. “I was looking through the Government ‘Find a Job’ page at the Kickstart Roles and found Title Media’s advertisement. I really liked the look of it and decided to apply. The instructions were very clear and what I needed to do was obvious, copy and paste the message in my Universal Credit Journal and within a day I had a response from my work coach.

“The support at the job is great! I was a bit nervous about starting the job as I didn’t have much experience in the role. But had a keen interest for marketing, and when I started I was well looked after. I had no clue how to get into marketing, so this has been an amazing opportunity.

“My favourite thing about working with Title Media is that each day is different and new challenges are thrown at me all the time… keeps me on my toes! The worst part for me was probably the initial adjustment to sitting down behind a computer all day… my back did not thank me.”

So would you recommend this to others?

“I couldn’t recommend it enough. Kickstart programmes aren’t just another job, they’re a stepping-stone into a career, and this is a great way to get into media.

“Learning new skills is so important and always a plus. The more skills and knowledge you have, the more attractive you are to employers. And you won’t know until you try.”


The easiest way is to do it via your Universal Credit journal. Hit the link below (where you’ll find a full run down of the job) and click ‘Apply for this job’. Then you simply copy and paste the info into your journal.

Title Media Sales trainee CLICK HERE

If you’re the sort of outward bound type who likes to get some fresh air, you can simply drop into your local jobcentre and ask. The job reference is V0000359490