Unless you’ve been lost in the desert for years you probably know that with content marketing, video is increasingly where it’s at. But how can you create video content without blowing your budget?

Firstly, it’s worth remembering that video doesn’t have to be all-singing, all dancing. It can literally just be you, talking to camera and sharing your knowledge. And for many people, this kind of video works some real magic.

For something slicker, such as a company showcase, you might be put off by the worry that it’s going to cost a bomb, or if you’re doing it yourself, that you have no clue how to edit professionally.

1. DIY? Invest a bit in the right equipment

Quick video to camera might be easy to make, but it doesn’t have to look bad. In order to avoid those low-quality shaky videos filmed in poor lighting or with a deafening cross breeze, (you might have come across some like this on LinkedIn from time to time!), parting with a little bit of cash to get the basic equipment is worth considering.

If you’re planning on sharing regular videos with your audience, particularly videos in which you’re talking directly at the camera or phone you’re shooting with, a tripod and a ring light will make a world of difference, as can some kind of mic. Oh, and SHOOT IT IN LANDSCAPE!

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2. Focus on the story, not the sale

Nail the content and the message, but tell a story, don’t pound the sale. Consumers spend a staggering amount of time online, but there is endless sales clutter and relentless marketing. So think about your story. No one would want to be labelled as a person that only talks about themselves all the time, so don’t let your brand be viewed the same way. The best video campaigns are centred around a story as opposed to a ‘sell’. Know your audience, sell the story, engage the viewer. We are not in the 1950s.

3. Make it the BEST 10 seconds ever!

One-fifth of your viewers will move away from a video within 10 seconds or less. In today’s world, you have to grab the attention of your viewers in lightning speed. Keep it short and sweet. Use a hook, use a teaser, or share a fact; whatever your tactic, you need to spark a desire for viewers to stop scrolling and pay attention.

4. Use emotion

Make them laugh, make them cry, spark a debate. Whatever you do, try not to be boring. Be prepared to do something different to your competitors, or get lost in a crowded sea of vanilla content marketing. Be different, be real.

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5. Be consistent

You’ve made one great video, your audience received it well, and it drove interest in your brand or product. Amazing. What next? Leave it there? Absolutely not! As with all content marketing, consistency is key. From the offset, create a campaign schedule that you can keep up with. Plan in a consistent flow and stick to it – don’t just do stuff ‘off the cuff’ when you have time. Make time.

6. Editing is not as hard as you’d think

Making video on your phone is pretty easy, once you draw a deep breath and wade in. There are plenty of video editing apps that help you cut, splice, add captions, add music – you will just need to dedicate a little time working it out. It won’t kill you, honestly.

For IOS users, try iMovie. It’s free (app download), and you can add titles, music, voiceovers and stills or photos to your video. For something similar on Android/Windows, check out PowerDirector. Maybe you’ll find other apps you prefer but there are plenty to choose from. Dive in.

7. Really can’t face doing it yourself?

As it’s become increasingly easy to make your own videos, so the price of professionally-produced video has come down. In the ‘old days’ it might have cost an arm and a leg to get a film made but it’s a tough market now, and you might be surprised at the pricing.

If you’re going to use a videographer to put your stories together, go to them with a clear strategy, a good storyline and a clear target or outcome in mind. And get at least two or three different quotes. You might not end up picking the cheapest – with video you need to work with someone who gets you. So pick wisely.

Still not convinced?

  • Audiences retain 65% of information for three days longer when it’s accompanied by a visual aid
  • A study in 2015 found that four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it
  • Video earns 12 times more share than text and images combined
  • An article published last year estimated that 80% of online content would be made up by video marketing in 2019.

Allow consumers a glimpse of your personality, a sneak peek behind the scenes, or insight into your daily life, and consumers invest in you on a personal and emotional level. Tell a story and tell it well.

Video marketing can help brands improve their brand awareness, increase engagement with target audiences and establish a foundation of trust. Of course, you need to have some realistic expectations, but a little bit of cash and equal measures of patience can go a long way.

Ready to get started? We obviously can help with concepts, scripts and story boards for your campaigns. And mostly with the overarching strategy. Give us a shout if you need some help.