Is your social media objective about brand awareness?

Then a great way to expand your audience is to identify your target demographic’s influencers and engage with them. It’s a bit like making friends with the cool kids in school, and by default, inheriting some of their coolness. But what’s the best way to engage with influencers? Particularly if you’re not planning on paying them anything.

But don’t engage in a spammy way; bombarding them with @mentions, or wading in on conversations when you have nothing of value to add is rude. And likely to blow your chances of building a relationship.  Just like real life, some respect is due.

If you get it right though, you can build a network of useful and relevant contacts and get in front of their audience, and if you’ve correctly identified them, then this will in turn increase your own following with people who are likely to be engaged and interested in what you have to say.

So how do you do it?

Again, a bit like real life. You may show interest by liking the odd post or Tweet… you could then comment on another post or two or ask a question, and hopefully the conversation often flows from there. Keep it light, you don’t want to look desperate; but if they post something of value to your own followers you could share or retweet it and tag them into the caption… “Great article by… on…”

Eventually there may be an opportunity to talk about what you do and if they think it’s useful to their following then they may well share some of your content and you’re in! Engaging and building rapport is often a slow burn but is essential if you want to grow your online presence.


Find out where your influencers hang out (not like a stalker though, right?). If you notice that they regularly join a particular tweet chat or use a particular hashtag then join the party, it’ll make starting a conversation more natural. Build it up slowly – and don’t make a nuisance of yourself!

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