Dec 6 disinterested followers not worth buying - blog tips on Title Media

We’ve all been there. You have a fledgling account, you see competitors celebrating hundreds, maybe thousands of page likes, and you know it’s cheap and easy to buy followers. Good idea right?


Page likes and follows are just vanity metrics, and a smaller, more engaged audience which fits your target demographic and is likely to include people who will become customers is far more valuable than a larger audience who quite frankly aren’t remotely interested.

There are other implications too. Your ‘real’ followers will spot it a mile off (nothing screams ‘bought following’ louder than 5k page likes or followers but no actual engagement on posts) and you’ll lose credibility where they’re concerned. You just can’t get away with this stuff any more – people are savvy to it and you’ll look bad.

Apart from anything else, if you’re going commit some budget to paid sponsorship and cough up good money to sponsor posts on Facebook, for example, you’re paying to serve your content to these disinterested accounts, effectively throwing good money after bad and reducing your ROI.

Don’t buy followers. Just don’t. Resist the temptation, there are plenty of ways to organically attract and engage genuine followers and it’s worth the hard work and patience. We’ll give you some more tips on this later in the month, but for now, stand away from the hammy bought following.

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