Nope, there’s no catch. Well, maybe a small one, because we’re going to be asking you for feedback. But essentially, we’re offering a handful of people the chance to attend a marketing masterclass for free, at the glorious Grand Hotel in Brighton. With lunch!

As part of our 2020 growth plans we’re now starting to roll out short marketing and networking events to share our knowledge with those who want to take control of their own marketing.

We cover social media, digital marketing, content, blogging – loads of options. But to kick off we’re going to open the doors to a very select group and ask them to attend one free. Hey, you’ll be helping us.


Below are four options outlining our first set of courses. If you would like to throw your hat in the ring and come to one, please complete the short form at the bottom and let us know which one you prefer.

We’ll pick a handful of attendees at random and the workshop option with the most votes wins. Easy. You just need to be prepared to turn up, get stuck in, and then tell us afterwards what you thought.


1. How to audit your content

How to audit your content Title Media your website up to date? Does your content and tone of voice sound like you? Does it represent your business – or target the business you want!? Many of us are guilty of this – we set out our stall, and make sure that everything is ship shape. Set out the tone of voice for social posting, schedule in blogs and content for the website, create offers and marketing campaigns, and so on. But how often do you check through that stuff? Are your links live? Can you repurpose content? Is your central messaging still valid? We’ll take a brief look into how you can line up your ducks properly by revisiting and auditing.

2. Stuck for blog and content ideas?

Where to find inspiration for blogging Title Media good grief, how hard is it to keep coming up with new ideas and unique content?! How many days pass without you posting because you’ve run out of inspiration? This workshop looks at fixing this, from ideas about giving glimpses behind the scenes or writing to show your skill and experience, to posting that will actually drive engagement, not just a few half-hearted likes. Come away from this day with an armful of great ideas to raise your visibility and authority, including 15 key reminder hacks for those days when you’re really stuck.

3. Insightology – understanding your audience

Insightology understanding your audience marketing Title Media’s not all about you. In fact, it’s about 10% about you. Where marketers, PRs and sales people often go wrong is in telling people all about ‘their thing’. Sure, there’s a place for occasional showboating, but if all you ever talk about is you, you’ll bore people into an early grave, and they’ll mute you, or run for the hills. Actually, the smart money is on finding out about your target, and playing to the gallery. How do we do this? By understanding them, first of all, and then creating content that they actually care about. This workshop looks at tips and tricks for identifying your audience, understanding their pain points and needs, and learning to speak their language.

4. What role does content play in driving sales?

Content and SaaS content marketing Title Media have those moment where you look at the sales pipeline and there’s a few tumbleweeds? Time to ramp up the sales and marketing, you think! But where to start?! This workshop looks at the point of content in the search for sales, and offers some tips for ramping up sales activity – how to tap into existing audiences, how to blog and post to encourage trust and bookings, some generic advice around sales funnels and landing pages, and some social media back end housekeeping. Added to this we’ll look at ways to create a desire for your products or services using your content.





* Workshop will be run by Title Media
* Venue and lunch etc kindly sponsored by Grand Brighton
* Dates TBC
* Opportunity to have some delicious libations and network in the bar afterwards