Your marketing has honestly never been more important. And as you open up for business again and put all your safety measures in place, you need to make sure that you broadcast the right messages, loud and clear.

As we stagger out of the pandemic darkness and back into business, are your clients aware of the coronavirus safety measures you’re marketing as you relaunch?

We’re trying not to use the phrase ‘the new normal’, but hey, it’s hard to avoid. Everything has changed. Your business, your clients, your services, and your products. Also probably your staff and teams, the way you work…IT’S HUGE.

There’s no going back to the ‘old normal’ now. So how do you embrace the change?

1. Competition is going to be TOUGH

How to get competitive marketing post corona blog on Title Media

The 4th of July might be crazy fireworks relaunch madness. And probably the next couple of weeks after that will be busy. But this is a marathon, not a sprint. And all it takes is a second wave and you’re going to be on your back again.

Everyone is going to pull out the stops to win business. And the market has shrunk. People are spending less, going out less, buying less. And they’re mistrusting and fearful. This is a tough gig for any business, any sector. So you need to think about how you change too.

How you reassure both your customers, and your teams. You want to be ahead of the competition, right? Here’s some stuff to think about…


2. Make a plan

How to create a marketing strategy post corona blog Title Media at the start. What does your business look like now? Are you going to be able to do the same thing you’ve always done, or has it changed? If so, you need to inform people.

Does your marketing still fit what you do? Or when people come to your website does it still say the same stuff it’s said for years?

Have you got a strategy for the new normal? Things are different. Maybe you’ve been fine doing your own social media management during lockdown, for example, when there’s been time. But when you’re back to work properly, you gonna have time for that?

Time to get a clear business AND marketing strategy in place. Don’t force people to ask you what you’re doing. There will be plenty of your competitors already making themselves clear, guiding customers effortlessly. You’re going to lose if you’re not easy to check out. Strategise!


3. Risk assessments

Run risk assessments; work out how you’re going to be safe. That goes for whether you’re a big restaurant or a small office with two people in it. And everything in between. Everyone needs a plan.

Set it down, gather information from everyone involved. And document that shiz. Put it all down so that everyone can see it. Then they know what they’re doing, and nobody can argue about it later on. If you’re looking for safety guidelines, see these 5 steps here from


4. Tell people what you’re doing

This is a big one. If you want people to feel safe in your place, you need to advise them how that’s going to happen. This means letting everyone know what steps you’re taking. DON’T make it hard for people to see your plans!


  • Announcement on your website home page
  • Consistent, regular messaging on your social media platforms
  • Newsletters to your lists
  • Press releases for local publicity
  • Regular blogging about your progress and plans
  • Relaunch activity – ie event, stunt, activity, coverage, booyah
  • Website update, to reflect new services or products (or how you work)
  • Images of your business in action to reassure customers. People love pictures
  • Signage in your premises

These are the biggies.


5. And for goodness’ sake, talk to your team!

Support your team reopening coronavirus blog on Title Media

Would you go back to work for someone if you didn’t know how well they were going to protect you? No, me neither.

Share that information with your teams and your staff, communicate with them. Hold online conferences, group chats, send personalised emails if you can. There’s loads of ways of doing this, but it’s vital if you want them onside. Ask us if you want ideas here.

Put in place a system where your staff can talk to someone if they’re anxious or stressed, or have questions about how things can run. Don’t just dump them back in the fray – support those guys. You’re nothing without them.


Hopefully we’ve given you a bit of a leg up here

But if it helps, we have also created a ‘Coming back from Covid 1-2-3’ marketing package that is way cheaper than our normal rates. More than 80% actually. We know a lot of you have been operating at 80% for a while.

The Title Covid 1-2-3 Package is bespoke for each business – because you’re all different. Although everyone gets the same 1-2-3, we’ll take the time to work with you and understand your individual businesses and challenges. This will be created with you, just for you, your OWN 1-2-3. And it includes:

1. Announcement – created and written specifically and sensitively for you to publish on your website/social etc.
2. A Content Chunk – a written piece that can be used as a blog, for your newsletter, posting on social, snippets or tips, or even as a script for you to make a video. We create it specifically with your business in mind, and it fits a multitude of uses. We can include a couple of great stock photos if you need them too.
3. Social media – two weeks’ worth of posting ideas to help ease you back when you’re trying to run your own business again. Make re-entry easier, help you stay in touch but focus on the bigger picture.

If you feel you could use some more specific support that’s created just for you, just ask us. We’re offering sympathetic rates right now, and we can help you with all of the stuff listed in Point 4 above.

Get in touch. Quote is free, we’re really nice, yada yada. Asking never hurt nobody. Looking forward to hearing from you – and sending big loves out to everyone trying to bounce back from this insanity. This is going to be a historical fight.

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