Not enough time to blog?

Know that you need fresh, dynamic content but never get round to it?

Understand that your blogging could be driving traffic and potential conversions but not really sure how to go about it?

£300 per month


1. We start off with a consultation and overview of your business, looking at what you do, and run an audit of your existing site and content to see what’s working and what isn’t.

2. It’s important to understand that the best blogging isn’t always about what you do. If all you ever post about is how awesome you are, or what new thing you’re selling, readers will lose interest.

3. Blogging should be informative, offer value. And be connected to what you do, but more loosely than direct sales. This is all about building up your brand, positioning you as the voice of authority.

4. We’ll look into relevant complementary topics and content for you, work out what fits well with your brand.

5. Once we have that, we can put together a great content calendar, planned three months at a time, with keywords, images and even some hashtag suggestions for you to use in your social media posting.

6. Blogs will be around 600 words max, and will always have at least one quality image. We will also look at potential internal links to include, to benefit traffic around your site.

7. And working on that SEO magic, we’ll offer up suggested SEO titles and tags for the page, to work on your SERPs visibility.

8. If we’re starting from scratch here, we reserve the right to charge a one-off setup fee of £175 plus VAT to get the blog rolling, as this will require some further research for positioning. We won’t have any existing content to extrapolate from.


* This option is perfect for SMEs, new businesses and startups, or companies where nobody wants to write the blogs!

* We will have a good nose through what you’re already doing and make suggestions; we can discuss your audience and what your blogging ought to do for you, and how best to go about it.

* You’re going to need to understand your own business, and your customers and target audience; so be prepared when you talk to us. Your initial consultation will cover some of this.

* We insist on a three month minimum because it can take a while to see results and start to build on organic content marketing like this. It’s not really a quick fix for sales – this is for people serious about developing a great voice and communication for their brand.


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