The VIP package, giving you full service management.

A top to toe solution that includes audits, marketing strategy, content strategy and social media support.

Covers website, SEO, content, blogging and social media.

Starting at £900 per month for one platform

Min 3 months. To include additional social media channels add £200 per platform.


1. We start off with a consultation and overview of your business, looking at what you do

2. Audit of your existing website and content to see what’s working and what isn’t. Offer advice for improvements ahead of your new content marketing activity.

3. Audit your chosen social media channel.

4. Tailored advice for your site and your social as well as overarching marketing support around your branding and tone of voice.

5. We’ll look into relevant complementary topics and content for you, work out what fits well with your brand.

6. Working with you we’ll identify the best social media platform for your target audience, and give that the quick once-over, working with you to brush it up ahead of the new incoming content.

7. Create detailed content calendar, planned three months at a time, with content, keywords, images and hashtags (where relevant) for the social media posting.

8. Blogs will be around 600 words max. We will also look at potential internal links to include, to benefit traffic around your site.

9. Blogs will always have at least one quality image – additional images for social media posting included if required.

10. And working on that SEO magic, we’ll offer up suggested SEO titles and tags for the blog page, to work on your SERPs visibility.

11. We’ll then share your post on your chosen social media platform and help to optimise its visibility, covering best time, preview text and so on.

12. We will monitor this channel for you, responding to comments or inboxes – you’ll basically get the Title Pro treatment here.

13. If we’re starting from scratch here, we reserve the right to charge a one-off setup fee of £175 plus VAT to get the blog rolling, and the same for new social media channels, as this will require some further research for positioning. We won’t have any existing content to extrapolate from.


* This option is perfect for SMEs, new businesses and startups, or companies where resources are tight and knowledge could do with improvement.

* We will have a good nose through what you’re already doing and make suggestions – this will include your marketing, branding, tone of voice, blogging, web content and SEO, and social media channel of your choice.

* We discuss your audience and what your content marketing ought to do for you, and how best to go about it.

* You’ll get sound advice on your social media strategy at the outset.

* You’re going to need to understand your own business, and your customers and target audience; so be prepared when you talk to us. Your initial consultation will cover some of this.

* We insist on a three month minimum because it can take a while to see results and start to build on organic content marketing like this.

* Content marketing is not really a quick fix for sales (unless you’re paying for advertising) – this is for people serious about developing a great voice and communication for their brand.

* If you want to add in some paid promotion, no problem. Just talk to us about this.


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