You’ve had your own accounts but don’t really know how different it is to run a business account?

Need advice and direction on your social media and how to reach the right customers?

Understand that you need some visibility and regular posting but don’t know where to start?

Set fee £350

To set up new accounts from scratch add £175 per platform


1. Q&A for client to complete to enable us to understand your business position and audience profile.

2. Ascertain target audience and tone of voice and run a brief audit on existing account(s) – working with us to advise you on best option for your target audience you choose which one(s)…

  • Twitter account
  • LinkedIn business page
  • Facebook business page
  • Instagram business account

3. Audit feedback with tailored advice on tone and content, audience insights and guidance, including suggested content mix, based on our human analysis and experience.

4. Update the bio and page information and imagery; refine the basic detail on up to two existing pages.

5. We’ll throw in three free posts on your choice of platform(s) to support understanding of the format and tone of voice. After that you’re on your own.

6. If starting from scratch, we’ll help you create your pages, populate the business information and give you some images, free of charge. And we’ll even throw in three posts to get you going.

7. Optional Training programmes also worth considering, which start at £450. A well-rounded training session, with guidance and take-home notes and crib sheet, so you can then go forth and awesomely manage your own account(s). Please enquire about training here.


* This option is perfect for new businesses. Or people who need a leg up with their social media.

* We will have a good nose through what you’re already doing, and make suggestions.

* We discuss your audience and what your social media ought to do for you. And how to go about it.

* We can help you get set up if you’re starting from scratch.

* You’re going to need to understand your own business, and your customers and target audience; so be prepared when you talk to us. We’ll send you a list of the things we’ll discuss at our one-to-one ahead of time, so you can prepare!


Content & Social Media Bundles