Paid advertising on the right social media platform can kick your business into orbit. Generating leads, sales, traffic or building amazing email lists.

The results can be amazing for a comparatively small spend, compared to traditional advertising.

We offer a full social media ad management bundle that drives traffic and reaches your precise demographic quickly – whether that’s geographical, age-related, guided by interests and jobs, or simply re-targeting existing customers and leads.

Starting at £500 per month for one platform (min 3 months)

PLEASE NOTE There is also a one-off setting up fee of £175 per platform for ad management – this is to cover admin, account details, the audit and any advertising account setup required.


1. Audit of existing ad accounts (if relevant).

2. Ascertain target audience and choice of campaign focus. Choose your platforms(s) of choice to work with

  • Twitter account
  • LinkedIn business page
  • Facebook business page
  • Instagram business account

3. Identify the products and services to advertise and set clear goals and KPIs. What do you need to achieve from your ad campaign?

4. Installation and work with Facebook pixel and remarketing strategy.

5. We can target specific audiences, and extrapolate audience data from campaigns to remarket to.

6. Research and identify target audiences, advise on tone of voice and content to attract them.

7. Monitor and tweak live ad campaigns to ensure the best results for the lowest spend.

8. Run competitions as required and manage entries as leads.

9. Campaign feedback with tailored advice on tone and content, audience insights and guidance on ad type.

10. Monthly report on cost per lead, audience, reach and engagement, including suggestions for changes and tweaks, format dependent on platform.

11. Optional ad management training programme for a one-off fee of £350 pp, (min group 5 people, group discounts apply). A day’s training and guidance with take-home notes and crib sheet, so you can then go forth and awesomely manage your own account(s). See about training HERE


* We work with your own ad account so that you retain all details, audiences, data and results yourself.

* How involved we get will depend on your budget and spend. We start from a very reasonable rate per month but you need to make sure you add the budget spend on top, we don’t pay that bit.

* Just to make that really clear again – because you’d be amazed how many people miss this – the fees we charge you are for our time and expertise. They do NOT include the money you spend on your advertising. We will advise you what you need to budget for, to get the best results. But that’s a separate spend.

* If you want us to handle complex campaigns and take it all on, that’s fine, but it’s going to cost you more than £500 a month.

* Having us manage your ads does not preclude you from being involved too but we will need to work out clear parameters so we don’t trip over each other.

* We need your input to understand your audience and what you need to achieve with your ad campaign, so that we can target really effectively.

* You’ll get audit, analysis and feedback from us – we work with you to help focus on the right kind of ad campaign.

* Your audit will cover some of this – and although this is a ‘hand it all over to us’ bundle, the closer we can work with you the better.


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