Pricing for social media management strategy Title Media

Social media management is no longer a bit of fun – it’s serious business

  • When it comes to social media management and/or strategy, there are two clear aspects. There’s the strategy part, then the management and content creation part.
  • As with all strategy work, we need to audit first. And then we’ll plan – your goals, tracking, audience personas, competitor analysis, campaigns…
  • And with creation and management, we’re looking at profile improvement, content scheduling, creating great posts using showstopping imagery and messaging, social listening, commenting… all this is organic work, before we even think about social media ad management.
  • What about some social media training? We have options to support you to learn enough to do this yourself – but do it better. Session with our experts, crib sheets etc to work with afterwards. Ask us.
  • As for ads. We totally slay at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ad management. We’re not really your go-to guys for LinkedIn although we can advise.
  • And remember your ad budget is not included in our costs!

Title Media Social Media Pricing

Senior social media strategist per day
£750 plus VAT
Team social media strategist per day
£600 plus VAT
Full management per platform/per month - from
£700 plus VAT
Ad management only per platform/per month - from
£600 plus VAT
Social media training per day - from£450 plus VAT

Looking for other costs?

Content Strategy
Copywriting and Content Creation
Design Work

How we work – read this bit

  • When we talk about ‘per day’ we’re talking seven hours
  • We prefer to charge a set fee per project (and generally that works in your favour, money-wise). But we understand that sometimes you need day rates.
  • We will negotiate, to a degree. Try us.
  • Once we agree fees, we include up to two revisions of whatever we’re working on, but after that, you’re on the clock at a pre-agreed hourly rate.
  • Our prices for social media management and all agency fees reflect the level of seniority you opt for. Some jobs need more experience and finesse than others. We’ll advise you – and we won’t push costs you don’t need. If it’s a straightforward job that one of our cheerful, professional juniors can handle, we’ll tell you.
  • We don’t charge for an initial consultation – whether in person or online – and we don’t charge for the quote we prepare for you. We offer one revision to the quote, and after that we look at costs for amendments, depending on how much jiggling about it needs