Looking for an authentic way to showcase your brand and stand out from the crowd?

As we celebrate our latest print client (hello Police Federation of England & Wales!) we’re pleased to be seeing an exponential growth in print and contract publishing.

Perhaps this was always going to happen. For a number of reasons – trustworthiness, quality, longevity – producing contract magazines is a service we’ve seen boom in the last year or so. Perhaps everyone’s eyeballs are just a bit fried by too much screentime!

Contract magazines

Contract magazines are increasingly attractive for clients wanting to tell their stories and present their products in a classy way. Incredibly popular in the 90s, contract publishing is experiencing somewhat of a revival.

Perhaps everyone’s eyeballs are just a bit fried by too much screentime

As magazine producers we know why you want a magazine. Customers and clients love them, people keep them, they dip in and out – and they’re viewed as more trustworthy than online content. As magazine publishing companies go, we know our stuff. Mostly because we also produce our own in house flagship titles.

Still need a little more convincing about the benefits of contract magazines and print media in general? Let’s take a closer look at why print is just as relevant as it ever was. Plus, how we can help you to use contract publishing to your advantage.

Tangibility and trustworthiness

In a world where pretty much anyone can post content online regardless of experience or ability, print publications offer you the chance to increase your credibility and drive customer loyalty.

Not to mention the fact that there is just something people love about holding a real, high-quality magazine in their hands. Flipping through the glossy pages and creating ‘dog ears’ to come back to at a later date. Sniffing a fresh magazine, that newly-printed smell!

It’s a full-on sensory experience.


From contract magazines, to brochures, to direct mail, there are many different contract publishing solutions for you to choose from.

You can create a one-off print publication if you have a specific event, or new service you want to promote to your customers. Or you can produce a regular magazine to drive engagement and improve brand recognition.

You also have complete control over the way your publication looks including the colours, typography, graphics, and overall design.

Need a little guidance? Our team of talented editors, photographers, designers, stylists, and marketers are all standing by to help you create the perfect publication.


According to a study by SmartestEnergy, a whopping 81 per cent of people prefer to buy from sustainable sellers. Furthermore, nearly 1 in 3 consumers have claimed to stop purchasing certain products or brands because they had ethical or sustainability-related concerns about them.

This means that brands need to be more conscious of their eco-credentials than ever before. And, yes, you guessed it, print media can help you with this.

Your magazine can be printed using vegetable-based inks, and to Environmental Standard ISO14001. Our paper content has been sourced from ethically managed, sustainable forests. You could also have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo added to your artwork, as our printers are officially accredited.

You might not know this but paper is actually one of the few materials which can be completely sustainable, and the paper industry itself is one of the biggest users of renewable energy.

Unlimited branding

…there are never-ending possibilities to promote your brand. In your own product!

Let’s be honest. Increasing your online visibility can be hard work. Trying to navigate Google’s ever-changing algorithms and competing with big brands with even bigger budgets.

However, the beauty of contract publishing is that there are never-ending possibilities to promote your brand. In your own product!

You can include your company name as many times as you want, your logo, your mission statement. You can showcase your team. And can even take the time to thank your customers.

Obviously, who wouldn’t love a little mention in a stylish magazine?


Although online content is designed to be consumed quickly and conveniently, this does affect its level of permanence. Or to put it bluntly, it’s much more likely to be read (or even just skimmed) once and then never returned to again.

Print publications, on the other hand, are designed to last so your brand can enjoy enhanced exposure and increased brand awareness.

Plus, did we mention that contract publishing provides the perfect opportunity to bring in some extra revenue. While we don’t sell advertising space in our contract magazines, there is no reason why you can’t!

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