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Social media advertising is roughly six times cheaper than magazine or newspaper ads

We’re talking about the cost per thousand impressions. When you get into what direct media costs, it’s literally off the scale – over 22 times* more costly. The days of lucky free advertising on social media are gone. It’s pay-to-play, whatever platform you use.

Having great organic social media content is still vital. But for instant, targeted results, it’s paid social media advertising for the win. Don’t just wade in and boost posts randomly because Facebook suggests it though, for example. Get some help.

Reaching the right people. It’s a science, not a pin on a map

Our social media advertising service can generate instant results, connecting your products and services with thousands of people, millions even. We build carefully curated target custom audiences, focusing on your audience, demographics, similar interests, age, location – you name it. It’s a precise science.

Target the right people

The most cost-effective way of advertising

Measurable results – metrics and data driven, as well as human analysis

Surprisingly low cost

Spend your ad budget wisely with our help. Here’s a few outlines…

Our most popular advertising services


It’s the most popular and with good reason. You can usually bet your target audience is on Facebook! Whether you’re looking for more traffic to your site, lead generation, brand engagement or a clear sales funnel. Great for B2B and B2C.


Great for anything that’s pleasing to the eye, advertising on Insta is going to fire up interest in your brand and your products. Great for businesses like health, beauty, travel, fashion etc. Drive a desired response.


It’s one of the fastest growing platforms for driving traffic to your site, utilising pins related to your products and services, embedded with all the right links. Great for retail clients but excellent for all B2C brand awareness and visibility.


Seen as the grown-up social media platform, LinkedIn advertising can target decision-makers and business professionals in all sectors. Big on B2B, expect advertising on LinkedIn to raise awareness of your own brand, generate website traffic, and influence conversions. Also to hire the right staff.


Personalised campaigns, working with influencers, tailoring ads to users with specific interests, raising your profile – Twitter advertising can reap big rewards if you’ve got clear goals and a reasonable budget in mind. #nailit

Managing your social media advertising can cost you as little as £450 per month – excluding your ad spend, obviously.

We also offer ad management training, if you want to learn how to harness this awesome knowledge and power yourself.

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