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What exactly is social media strategy and why do you need it?

Is this you? You’ve got a website, have a Facebook page; maybe you boost the odd post because Facebook tells you to; maybe have a Twitter account, as well as LinkedIn, possibly Instagram… maybe even a YouTube channel, after all why the hell not? But you have no clue what you’re doing, and you forget to post on at least half of them, most of the time.

Don’t worry, you’re in the majority. But this is not going to drive great results for you. Honestly.

Having a clear strategy for your social media is vital. That means setting achievable goals, understanding your audience, setting up the accounts effectively and planning the execution of your content.

What does this mean for you?

  • Social media is a powerful marketing tool, but only if you get it right
  • It’s a chance to communicate directly with your audience, to build your brand, and collect insights into their behaviour
  • Without a clear understanding of social media behaviour, you’re just guessing
  • And a messy or inconsistent social media presence is counter-productive. You look amateur
  • A good strategy can also drive traffic to your site, improving your organic search ranking
  • Do you know which platform your target customer prefers? How to get them to follow you?!
  • Do you understand the value of curated content? How to perform an audit?
  • Without a clear audit, strategy and some planning, you’re not creating goals
  • Almost 98% of small business owners have a social media presence but no short, mid or long-term strategy

How can we help?

  • We’ll crack straight on with an audit first, identify exactly where you are
  • Your audit covers audience demographic profiling, and advice on choosing the right platform, your brand identity, tone of voice, and even sizes up the competition!
  • We’ll be able to delve into just who your audience is, and help develop that to make sure you’re reaching the right people
  • Work with you to identify what your goals are and ensure they’re realistic and achievable
  • Provide a jargon-free written strategy report confirming your plans
  • Give you the tools to carry out your strategy, guiding your choice of content and channel
  • Give advice on tracking and optimising your new policy, and guide you on curated content
  • We include an hour-long video call as part of the deal
  • If you fall in love with our service (and realise how much work is involved) we’re happy to stay on as your social media managers

Working on a plan or strategy is often the bit everyone puts off. Who has time for that stuff? Are we right?

Don’t be like everyone else. Get ahead with your social strategy and your cool content calendar to achieve your goals

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