Have you hired an agency, but have a feeling in your bones that something isn’t right? Maybe your website isn’t delivering, or your social media doesn’t seem like it’s bringing home the bacon.

You’re good at your job. Your job isn’t to understand digital and content marketing, or social media advertising, that’s why you get someone else to do it for you – but you need to trust whoever that is. If you’re feeling doubt, read on…

Firstly, are you happy in your tummy?

Generally, you’re going to have a gut feeling about this. How’s it stacking up for you? Does the website feel better; is the copywriting singing for you? How’s the traffic? What about your social media – does it represent your business and your voice? Do you feel confident when you hand over this stuff? How’s the engagement, and your sales?

Your instincts are there for a reason. When it comes to digital marketing results, your stats and metrics do take a bit of time, so if you’re looking there for instant results, just woah there when it comes to the numbers. It takes a while.

But check in on the feels. Are they good? You know when something doesn’t feel right. Trust yourself.

There are ways of making a sow’s ear look like a silk purse. Trust us, we’ve seen some very ‘creative’ feedback reports

What’s that smell?

There are ways of making a sow’s ear look like a silk purse. Trust us, we’ve seen some very ‘creative’ reports.

When you pin down your agency for feedback and results, do they make sense to you? Or do you feel baffled by jargon and figures? Actually, did you even kick off your working relationship with the agency by setting out clear goals, KPIs etc?

If your agency has simply agreed to bump up your followers and not much else, take your hard-earned and run for the hills. What you can smell is BS.

Any agency worth their salt will start at the start, and they’ll make sure you understand why you’re paying them, and what the reasonable outcomes can be. They’ll also ensure that you understand the feedback, the stats and metrics and what they represent. If what they promise sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be wary of fluff and puff.

Is your agency being honest with you Title Media blog www.titlemedia.co.uk

Are they being honest, or blinding you with jargon?

Does your agency set a good example?

By this we mean do they practice what they preach?! You’ve heard the phrase ‘physician heal thyself’, right? If you’re talking to an agency that has a clunky website, clickbaity blog titles, shabby social media and so on, what on earth makes you think they’ll do a decent job for you?

Look for an agency that acts with professionalism. Look at the people involved. Are they the kind of people you want to work with? Read the blogs, read the website. If any of their own digital marketing is substandard, well hey…

Do they feel like an extension of your own team? Because that’s what you should be looking for

Do you like them?!

It’s important! You need to work with these people. Which means you need to feel comfortable in your working relationship. It should be collaborative, not exclusive, and you should feel able to be involved. An agency may come to you with all-singing results portfolio, but if you find it hard to work with them, it becomes unhappy, combative.

I feel duty bound to point out that although it’s good to be involved, don’t get a dog and then wag the tail yourself, yeah? Let them get on with what they do, no helicopter hovering. And again, for this you need trust.

Do they feel like an extension of your own team? Because that’s what you should be looking for.

How do you know when to jump ship?

If you’re not happy with your current agency, you might want to leave, but worry that the best results might be just around the corner, so maybe you should hang in there…

There’s no easy answer to this, but ultimately we find clients just know when it’s time. They often come to us because they’re not happy – maybe with the results, the relationship, the promising of the earth moon and stars that didn’t get delivered, whatever. But they know when it’s not right.

What can you do?

Well, you could ask us to have a look, no strings. We’ll have a general nose at what’s going on for you first, tell you what we think. We don’t charge for this (unless you want a full audit, that’s a bigger deal), but we’d rather start on a trusting basis and see where we go. Hey, you might not like us, it happens. But we’ll give you some honest, non-sharky advice, and then if you like us, and we like you, we can crack on.

Want a proper service? Get in touch, no hard sell.