Coming back from lockdown – the Covid 1-2-3 package

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So you’re opening back up? Hurrah! If you’re a business struck by the coronavirus pandemic we’re sure this is music to your ears. However…

… now comes the hard work – not just getting your business Covid-ready, but promoting it in way that makes people feel secure about what you’re doing. You need to reassure your clients and customers that you’re taking the right measures. That you have integrity. That they are safe.

They need to find that information easily. Don’t make them ask you.

Make sure everyone knows what you’re doing

Your messaging needs to be clear, and it needs to be across all your channels. That’s your website, social media channels, newsletters, videos – and your offline content too. Brochures, flyers, posters… whatever your business uses to reach its audience.

Does that feel a bit daunting? Honestly, it probably should, if you’re doing it properly.

We have the answer!

To help you, we’ve come up with a really simple Covid 1-2-3 package to get you up and running. The package includes…



A statement about your safety measures, written specifically for you and your business alone


Content Chunk

Whether you choose blog, or newsletter, or video script etc, this is another shareable piece of content created specifically for you


Social Media

Two full weeks of posting ideas to keep you covered as you restart. 14 great ideas to ensure you don’t run dry once you’re back in the office!

The package includes a one hour consultation with us before all the content is created.
It’s unique every time and focuses exactly on your business and your own messaging.

Cost normally £750 – reduced to £450 plus VAT

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Want a bit more detail about the Covid 1-2-3 Package?

1. Announcement

Every business should have an easy-to-see announcement about how they’re tackling the risks in their premises, and around their staff. This is something we’d expect to see on the home page of your website, pinned to the top of your social media channels and included in your mailings.

It’s VITAL to get the wording right. To reassure your clients and customers that you’re taking it seriously and making sure everyone is safe. We will work with you to understand your business and your clients. And we’ll then write this statement for you to broadcast, giving everyone peace of mind.

2. Content Chunk

You need to start thinking about your content and communications. Your Chunk is created on a bespoke basis, just for you and your own situation. This could be a blog about your ‘behind the scenes’ experience. It might be a short script to make a little video with. Perhaps an email newsletter to everyone to build up relationships with clients might be for you.

There are lots of options. We’ll explore what works best for you during your consultation. And once decided, we’ll create that just for you. We’ll include some SEO keywords, captions ideas, or hashtag suggestions to help get you started. We’ll also include up to two high resolution images to support this Chunk.

3. Social media ideas

During lockdown, it’s likely you’ll have been able to run your own social media and have plenty of time for it. But now you’re back, you’re going to be busy.

Going from regular posting to patchy coverage isn’t ever a great idea, let alone right now. It’s going to be competitive out there. So this selection of 14 great ideas will really help during the transition period. We’ll give you enough tips and ideas to cover two weeks or more, depending on how often you post. From ideas for snaps to share, to tips on piggybacking specific trends or awareness dates on Twitter.

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What other options can we offer?

There could be huge changes in your workplace, and your marketing might need an overhaul. The Covid 1-2-3 won’t really cover this in too much depth. But you might want to have a think about revisiting your strategy. Get an audit done, at least.

Your website might need rewriting, or a revamp. Your target audience might have changed. Maybe your products and services have changed too.

When restrictions are lifted for your business, there will be a rush. And you have every right to enjoy that! But this is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to revisit your longer term marketing strategy.

Here are a few things we could help with…

  • Target market analysis – a little Insightology
  • Audit your website and social media channels
  • Revisit your tone of voice / new customer base / change in products or services / messaging
  • Marketing strategy and campaign planning ahead
  • Social media strategising with you
  • Update your website
  • Design. Do you need new photos, new logos, new imagery?
  • Blogs – stay in touch with everyone, position your brand, stay in front of your clients
  • Regular announcements and updates
  • Regular newsletters to your customer base
  • Social media advertising – it’s a lot more complex than just boosting posts
  • Social scheduling – would your life be easier if your posts were all lined up for a week or a month at a time?
  • Press releases – time for a bit of coverage in the local or national media?
  • Relaunch activity – ie event, stunt, activity, coverage
  • Dealing with your staff and their possible anxiety about returning to work
  • Clear transition plan for new pathway ahead and communicating that to the outside world as well as your team
  • Employees’ fears and dealing with changes to teams and job losses. How to boost morale
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