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How would you like a bunch of free social media advice to reach your audience and get the best results from your posts and engagement? Or some advice and tips on how to create excellent content. We’re not talking chapter and verse here – but some useful nuggets of information that would help you make the most of your online presence?

You would? Well then we have some good news for you. Instead of giving everyone a chocolate advent calendar this year we’re going to be giving away a really useful tip, every day through December.

Tips will include ideas like how to best engage with your audience or influencers, or what optimum numbers of words or hashtags are for best effect. We’ll talk a bit about content and how to curate excellent material across your platforms, drilling down into details like the types of content that work best and how to drive a higher following. Basically we’ll be giving you some amazing free advice and improving your understanding of social media and content management. Happy Christmas!

Interested? We would be!

If you’d like to open a new tip every day in your inbox without having to think about it, just sign up below. If you’d rather come looking for us each day we’ll be sharing the post links on our Facebook page and Twitter account as well. If you think you’ll forget to check, you should probably sign up.

Enjoy – the first one is tomorrow, and no peeking. It’s a surprise tip each day, entirely on us.


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