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With November already upon us, you really need to be thinking about your content marketing for next year – if you haven’t already! 2023 has seen a rise in both AI-generated content and human-made print media… so which is best? Here we predict some content trends for 2024 so you can keep communications fresh and relevant this upcoming year.

Include personal knowledge

Readers don’t just want to be hit with listicle after listicle of what the best X, Y, Z is. Content written using the personal knowledge of its writers offers unique insights into their lives and experiences.

These insights not only make for engaging articles, but also foster a sense of trust between readers and your brand. Knowing there are human beings behind the content who live similar lives to our own draws us back in as we relate to the content being produced. Plus, we’re all at least a little bit nosy about the lives of others.

Offer studies and statistics

A great way to engage your readers is through informational content on meaningful topics. Incorporating more statistics from studies or collaborating with psychologists results in more in-depth and interesting articles.

And, by backing up your articles with verifiable evidence, you can establish your blog as a trustworthy source of content. In the era of fake news, no one wants to read articles that can’t offer evidence to support their own points.

AI is not necessarily the future

With AI generated content on the rise, digital media is increasingly becoming a guessing game of what is real and what has been AI generated. At this point, human-made content is a breath of fresh air. And yes, readers can generally spot AI generated copy!

Studies have shown that while readers don’t mind AI generated content, knowing a human being was involved in the creation of content increases its perceived quality. Relatability and understanding are what make or break blog content, and AI just can’t replicate the personal flair and knowledge that is so valuable to this experience.

Remember, producing content is about more than just speed. Above all else, it’s about quality, and AI cannot offer your site the same standard as human blogging. But I won’t hammer on too much. After all, we have a whole article on the benefits of human blogging here.

covers of Selection of magazines produced by Title Media

Selection of some of the magazines produced by Title Media

Resurgence of print media

There’s just something about print media that digital can’t replicate. It’s the feel of the pages as you flip through, the glossy sheen from cover to end, the collectability of each issue… Print really can’t be beat. And 2024 may just see a resurgence in print popularity.

With the increasing onslaught of digital content, it’s only natural for readers to search for something fresh and different. And print magazines are on the rise, according to Better Retailing. With these figures already looking positive, 2024 seems set to be a good year for print.

Understand your readership

Ultimately, every blog and magazine houses a different readership that has different types of preferred content. By keeping an eye on how well your content circulates, you can ensure that the content you produce is perfectly in sync with the tastes of your readers.

Try to maintain a balance between the trends of the time and the unique trends of your blog to maximise both reader retention and the influx of new readers.

Keep on top of the trends

Currently, the content trends of 2024 are pointing towards a resurgence of print, alongside a turn away from AI content in favour of personal and insightful content. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

This upcoming year, keep your readers engaged with authentic content that really means something. Don’t just slam out AI-generated article after article in favour of speed. Good content requires a bit of patience that we guarantee your readers have. Commit your blog to producing exciting articles your readers can really relate to.

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