Silver man relaxing by luxury pool Silver Magazine is a magazine that reflects the changing lifestyle of those celebrating their post-50 years.

We know our readers want to focus on the finer things in life and have fun. But they’re not done yet. They might have put in their time, done the kids, worked for their money – and now they want to enjoy it. They’re traveling the world, exploring new experiences, launching new businesses, taking risks and taking life by the horns.

Silver recognises that the biggest adult market in the whole world is the 50 plus group. Why don’t we speak to them more clearly? Why is youth so important? What do those kids know about real life?!

We’re changing that. Silver will have features on all areas of this exciting generation’s lifestyle, from amazing food and fashion features, to hard hitting editorial about the challenges this age group faces. And a bit of punk along the way.

Travel, business, money, fashion – these are all a big part of a Silver’s life, as is eating out, entertainment and music.  And dancing!

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