Tempted to get AI to write all your blogs and site content?

You could argue that content is content, and there is some truth in that. But there’s a big difference in the copy that AI turns out compared to actual people writing. Human blogging is still important for the very essence of its humanity. But there’s more to it than that.

Let’s look firstly at why you should be bothering with blogs at all.

Improved search engine rankings

By regularly publishing high-quality, relevant content on your website, you can improve your website’s search engine rankings. Google, and in fact all search engines, really like fresh content. And regular blogging increases the likelihood that people finding your website when searching for related topics.

Increased traffic

By publishing engaging, informative content on your website, you can attract more visitors to your site, which can lead to increased traffic and potential customers. Blogs are also great for sharing on your social media channels, directing traffic – yes, you guessed it – to your site.

Establishing your website as a resource

By providing valuable, informative content on your website, you can establish your website as a resource for your readers and build trust with your audience. Not only that, you can position yourself and your business as experts in your field. Sharing your knowledge and staying in touch with your audience is vital, and blogs are a great way to do this.

Generating leads and sales

By including calls to action in your blog content, you can encourage readers to take specific actions, such as subscribing to your email list or purchasing your products or services. You can also repurpose your blog content as a newsletter, thumping straight into inboxes complete with a direct link to your exciting landing pages.

Improving customer engagement

By publishing regular blog content, you can encourage customer engagement and keep your audience coming back to your website for more.

So having good blog content on your website can help improve your search engine rankings, increase traffic, generate leads and sales, and improve customer engagement.

As for why it’s important to have human blogging…

AI-generated content is terrible. It’s just not you. Your tone of voice, the authenticity, contextual writing… this is really hard to get from AI. People will warm to a genuine voice more easily, and nobody understands what you do better than you and your team. So let your authentic voices stand out.

There is no reason, however, why you shouldn’t ask AI to help you with ideas for blog articles. See AI as a kind of PA and it’ll all come together nicely.

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